We encourage Junior golf with a program to develop their skills at all levels.  Golf teaches respect, discipline, self challenge.... and patience! ... at a healthy level The championship course and driving range at Gulf Harbour offers the perfect training ground to improve your game and prepare you for playing international resort style courses. Junior tee times are available 7 days a week as well as use of the putting greens, pitching and short game areas.  Learn and master your game at Gulf Harbour Country Club and see why some of New Zealand's best professionals are members here.

Despite being a difficult sport to master, we decided to introduce our two boys to golf in their formative years to give them the best chance at developing their skills over time. The Gulf Harbour junior golf program proved to be an incredibly rewarding activity for our boys. Frazer and Mike are two outstanding junior golf instructors and their mission is to make the game fun for kids.  Our two boys   became real keen golfers through the innovation, creativity and fun of their  programs.  Frazer and Mike are devoting a lot of time to teaching and supporting the kids and provide some of the best kids coaching in the country.
Nils Bischoff  24-July-2014
Gulf Harbour Country Club Junior Golf

Since joining my son’s up to Gulf Harbour Country Club and persuading their friends parents to bring their kids across we haven’t looked back.
The fantastic course and top notch facilities enable the juniors to hone their skills under the watchful eyes of professionals Mike and Frazer.  Frazer has been outstanding with the kids and his ability to relate and communicate with them effectively is second to none.  Under his watchful eye, his coaching and skills programs have been great and has seen a large number of the juniors lower their handicaps very quickly. Frazer’s coaching saw the newly formed junior pennant team post some outstanding results this year which eventually saw them finishing 3rd in the competition.  This team also went on to win for the first time, the “Hopper Memorial Trophy” held at the Peninsula Golf club yearly.
One of the biggest positives I’ve seen with the club is the welcoming of the    juniors by the members to participate in the club competitions.  The members encouragement has been fantastic and it’s been great to see these kids teeing it up with the adults in the Saturdays comp’s and also very successful twilight golf nights held over the summer months.
Junior golf is strong and will continue to grow stronger at Gulf Harbour with this current atmosphere.  I highly recommend Gulf Harbour Country club to any parent wishing to get their child into the fantastic game of golf.
Aaron Macdonald 25-July-2014

We have been very impressed with the standard of coaching provided to Medes by Frazer.  In just over a year since we joined Medes with GHCC, his golf has improved immensely due to Frazer's coaching and guidance.  He provides tips to Medes to help improve his technique and overall game, in such a way that Medes can understand what he is talking about because his parents don't!  He is very supportive and interested in how Medes is progressing with his golf which is fantastic to see.  We recently acquired a new set of Titleist clubs for Medes through the Pro shop as a direct result of our ongoing discussions with Frazer.
Kind regards,
Chris and Angela Jensen 28-July-2014

I have two sons who are keen golfers. We recently decided to move our      memberships (my wife's, two boys' and mine) to Gulf Harbour Country Club based on the excellent facilities provided to junior golfers. They both participate in the Sunday junior coaching programme, and Reinhardt also represented GHCC in the North Harbour Junior Pennants this year. He is very serious about golf and is looking at golf as a potential career path. An active junior pennant team was one key consideration for us, as was active coaching (Sunday group coaching as well as excellent individual coaching with Frazer). Although many golf clubs offer junior programs on paper, we were looking for an active junior programme, and found it at Gulf Harbour.
I believe there are numerous opportunities to further enhance the junior  programme, including actively marketing the pennant team, potentially to the point of entering more than one team in future. Also, I believe there would be merit in considering an entry level programme such as Kiwi Golf or similar  programme to attract new players - my youngest son would, for example, get a lot of benefit from such a program. In addition we saw various junior programs at previous clubs that involved the likes of junior tournaments, a junior prize  table for achievement over the course of a year, etc. Lastly, I was talking to a teacher at Reinhardt's school the other day about a school golf team. Such a team would require a home club with coaching etc.
I can recommend GHCC for junior golfers, and believe there is a strong basis for further development.
Jaco Saunderson 29-July-2014