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MINUTES | 18 JULY 2016
Dear $Firstname$,
Please see the minutes attached.  Thank you to those members who attended the 8th Annual General Meeting of Gulf Harbour Country Club Incorporated.  It was a true winters evening, so it was good to see many come along.
Congratulations to elected Board members and committee members - another term begins!
Mr Li (the Landlord) asked for his representative to read out a statement on his behalf which was well received by members (a copy is included with the minutes).
We are look forward to a positive future with continued enjoyment of the club and facilities along with your ongoing support. 
Warm regards
Kim Bond
General Manager 
PS: a question was raised regarding the stock figure in the final accounts, and this has been referred to the accountant.  As soon as I have a response it will be forwarded to you.  
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