Start the Back 9 Strong- 10th hole

The 10th hole is a mid-length dogleg right par 4 and is best played with a left to right shot from the tee avoiding the big fairway bunkers on the right side.

The second shot needs to be full shot to the centre of the green or if you choose, laying up by playing well back from the two bunkers that guard either side of this green

Shots you may face playing this hole:
  1. Ball below your feet:
    Most second shots will be played from this position because of the left to right slope. Remember to aim left for this shot the ball will want to leak to the right. Make sure you keep the flex in your knees at all times for better contact The ball will naturally fly lower than your normal shots. Try taking one more club and grip down the shaft
  2. Fairway Bunkers:
    Take more club than you think you need and choke down for control Don’t take a full swing and keep your lower body quiet to avoid shifting in the sand Play the Ball back a bit in your stance and pick the ball off the sand Maintain your tempo and don’t try and get more out of the shot than is reasonable to expect
  3. Bump & Run shot from short of the green:
    Try using an 8 or 7 iron to keep the ball low and chase up the slope onto the green. A general rule of thumb is the ball should carry 1/3rd the distance in the air and roll the rest of the way on the ground Put your feet closer together with 70% of your weight on your front foot, your lower body needs to stay steady when playing this shot.

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We all enjoyed Ricky Fowler's performance at the Masters so we shared this clip from a while back.

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